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Pilates is a unique form of exercise. The precision and fluidity of each movement works the body intensely on a deep level. At the same time the use of the breath connects the mind to the body.

In addition Pilates strengthens the core muscles that support the lower back; tones the whole body; improves the posture, making you feel taller and slimmer and increases flexibility and bone density. It is the perfect workout, leaving you feeling energised, strengthened and relaxed.

Tamsin Luck yoga pose

My Pilates Story

by Ruth Hazeldine

I've always hated exercise. At school I tried numerous excuses to avoid gym, netball, rounders, anything athletic. My husband used to say that when I was born, the first word I uttered was "Taxi!"

Ruth Hazeldine So when a friend suggested I joined her and the other ladies of a certain vintage at an exercise class I rejected the idea, insisting that I was quite fit enough to do everything I wanted to do. As she turned away, she murmured "Oh, you probably couldn't do it anyway." Well, that did it! "I'll show her," I snarled, and promptly enrolled myself.

Well, the gentle exercises were undemanding and frankly boring, but the teacher slipped in a couple of Pilates moves. Immediately I was fascinated. This made sense, and furthermore I felt hugely invigorated. I soon abandoned the class for full-on Pilates lessons, beginning with once a week and then twice-weekly.

That was nearly 10 years ago. I am now 78 years old and astonish my grandchildren by doing roll-overs, "Downward Dog" and press-ups without breaking a sweat. I look and feel even younger than before I started and have a waist-measurement of 26 inches and the hint of a six-pack! Thank you Joseph Pilates and my wonderful teacher Tamsin.


Yoga calms the mind and revitalises the body, leaving you with a sense of well-being and inner peace. The style of yoga I teach is Hatha which is a soft, flowing, yet deep form of yoga.

My class is designed to release stress and tension. The postures improve flexibility, strength and balance with particular emphasis on the breath. The class ends with a short meditation.

Teen Yoga

In this day and age teenagers are influenced so much through the world of technology and media. They are under pressure to look good and fit in sociably with their peers, whether that's through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social networks. Schools have high expectations for them to achieve top marks and many feel a failure if they do not reach their expected targets. This can affect their wellbeing and may go un-noticed in school. Teenagers are vulnerable and can hide their feelings. Some may find an alternative way to relieve their anxieties possibly through drugs, alcohol or self-harm. Along with all the normal changes the body is undergoing as it reaches puberty, it can be a difficult and over whelming time for teenagers.

Yoga has many benefits that can help teens to relieve stress and anxiety. The class enables them to connect to their bodies and minds through yoga stretches, breathing and mindfulness techniques. It is particularly beneficial for girls and boys who have a lack of confidence, poor body image or who are suffering from anxiety or depression. They will learn how to recognise negative thought patterns and how they relate to tension in the body. Mindfulness will enable them to calm down and re-connect with their bodies when under stress in everyday situations. It is a valuable tool they can take away and will guide them throughout their journey in life.
Ruth Hazeldine

Yoga for Chidren

This is a fun and creative class, taught through imaginative stories which will take children on adventures to the ocean, into the jungle, space and many other exciting places. The stories will be brought to life through traditional yoga postures, games and visualisations.

This class will help to strengthen children, not only physically but also mentally, by building confidence in themselves. Other benefits are improved concentration at school and better sleeping patterns.

For information on kids yoga classes please contact Tamsin.

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